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Material Processing and Control Engineering


Material processing and control engineeringwasnamed a National Special Major in 2009. Featuring material forming technologyand equipment, this major holds an important academic position inChina. It wasauthorized to award master degrees in 1983, doctorate degrees in 1993, Mastersof Engineering in 1997. In 1999, it was named a key discipline by the formerMinistry of Machinery Industry. In 2001, a Postdoctoral Station wasestablished. In 2003, it was authorized to award first level discipline doctoratedegrees. Now, it is a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of HigherEducation "Material Molding and Control Engineering" of Ministry ofEducation, Chairman Unit of the National Forging Society, Hebei Province PrecisionPlastic Processing Technology and Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center,Chairman Unit of Hebei Mechanical Engineering Society Forging Professional Committeeand standing unit for the Secretariat, governingunit of Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry and Chairman unit of Coldand Warm Precision Forging Committee ofConfederationof Chinese Metalforming Industry .

Currently, thereare 33 researchers, including 17 professors (7 of whom are Ph.D. Supervisors),10 associate professors (including senior experimentalist) and 3 lecturers. 21 teachershave a doctorate degree and7 amaster degree. 4 are State Council Experts for Special Allowance and 3 are Youngand Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions at provincial-ministeriallevel. A well-structured faculty echelon of high academic level is formed.

The laboratory area is2600 m2and its total asset is more than 20million yuan. In the laboratory are 500T double-action hydraulic machine, 650Tmulti-directional forging hydraulic press, 315T general hydraulic press, powderrapid prototyping testing machine, plastic injection machine, CoordinateMeasuring Machine, Laser Rapid Prototyping system, H1F80 CNC AC servo presses and other large plasticprocessing and testing Equipment. There are CAD / CAE /CAMsoftware platforms such as UG, CATIA, I-Deas, DEFORM, MARC, ANSYS, etc.

In the past 5years, the faculty undertook more than 20 national key research projects andNational Natural Science Foundation projects, for which the annual researchfunding topped 10 million yuan. A number of scientific achievements were made,including 1 first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award,3 provincial-ministerial level awards. In addition, over 200 papers werepublished, 130 of which were indexed by EI and SCI. 10 patents were granted.

This major has developed4 research directions: Forging process and quality control technology of largeforgings, Modern Design Technology of Molding Equipment, Precision FormingTechnology and Equipment, and Sheet Metal Forming Theory and Technology.

This major hasparticipated in the design and manufacturing of most large presses since the foundationof PRC and won many awards. Especially in 2008, it was awarded the first prizeof National Science and Technology Progress Award when participating in theresearch of the 150MN free forging hydraulic press of China First HeavyIndustries (CFHI). Now it is participating in the research and development of theforging hydraulic press of 80,000 tons.

Forging Processand Quality Control Technology of Large Forgings is one of the researchdirections with a long history and distinctive features. Currently, it isparticipating in the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and TechnologySupport Program key project "Large-scale Casting and Forging ManufacturingTechnology and Equipment Development" and has undertaken the research of 3sub-topics.

Researchersindependently produced an internationally advanced three-dimensional stretch-bendingequipment which was awarded the second prize of National Scientific andTechnological Progress Award. 80% of domestic automobile manufacturingenterprises are using this equipment.

A number ofpatents were granted to Warm Extrusion Precision Forming Process, a technology ina domestic leading position. Precision temperature extrusion parts such asdrill heads and picks have been widely used in state-owned large coalfield,mining enterprises in Shenfu, Dongsheng,Datong,Jixi,Hegang.

This major hasfinished the development of the aluminum alloy wheel spinning equipment. The nationalinnovation fund project "New Rotary Forging Equipment Development"has successfully passed the evaluation by Provincial Science and TechnologyDepartment. The development of Rotary Forging Wheel production line made asignificant breakthrough. Each production line can save 250 million yuan ofinvestment and realize 400 million yuan of output value. This project won thesecond prize of Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award in 2009.

Students in this major are capable of design and research in forgingtechnology and equipment. In recent years, the primary employment rate forgraduating students has remained above 97%.

Four-yearBachelor Degree Program

Research Directions:Forging process and equipment;Mold design and manufacturing

Program Objectives

This major aimsto prepare students for senior technical personnel positions with a workingknowledge of material processing and control engineering, to work on design andmanufacturing, scientific development, applied research, operation managementand business sales in the field of material forming and automation.

Core Courses

Corecourses include the following: Engineering mechanics (theoretical mechanics, materialsmechanics), elastic mechanics foundation and finite element method, heattransfer, mechanical drawing, mechanical theory, mechanical design,introduction of control theory, testing technology, electrical technology,electrical control technology, numerical control technology and application,hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, metal materials and heat treatment, metaltechnology and mechanism basis, mechanical CAD / CAM. In addition, there areelective courses for each major.


Potentialcareers for graduates include: teaching in colleges and universities,scientific research in research institutes, product development in domestic andforeign enterprises and production management in foreign trade companies.


ChinaNational Heavy Duty Truck, Chery Automobile, Changan Automobile, JAC, DongfengMotor, BYD and other Auto enterprises; China Heavy Machinery Group, ChinaNational Erzhong Group, Shanghai Heavy Machinery Factory, North HeavyIndustries Group, DHI·DCW Group, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group, CITIC HeavyIndustries, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, LiuGong Machinery Corporation,Sany Group and other heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Machinery manufacturing and processingenterprises affiliated to China Metallurgical Group, Aviation IndustryCorporation of China, China South Industries Group, China Aerospace Science andIndustry Corporation and other machinery manufacturing enterprises and relatedresearch institutes.  

Mold design andmanufacturing enterprises, casting and forging enterprises and related researchinstitutes such as Tianjin Automotive Mold Co., Ltd., Wuhu Xinxing Ductile IronPipe Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Pressure Machinery Co., Ltd., Jinan Foundry and ForgingMachinery Research Institute.

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