YSU and CU Jointly Host Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering



Ⅰ. About the Program

The program is joint venture of YSU (Yanshan University, China) and CU (Curtin University, Australia) The 3-year degree program is a “1+1+1” program. Students study at YSU for the 1st and 3rd school years and finish their graduation papers, and take courses at CU for the 2nd school year. Upon graduation, students receive a graduation certificate and a master’s diploma from YSU. They also receive a master’s diploma from CU if they complete the second year of the program. Students who do not study at CU will only obtain a graduation certificate and a master diploma from YSU.

The program was approved by Hebei Education Department and recorded by the Ministry of Education of China. It received a Certificate of Approval for Operation of Chinese-foreign Cooperatively-run Educational Projects in the People’s Republic of China in March 2014.

1. Admission Criteria      

This program is open to undergraduates in Electrical Industry-related majors. Applicants need to clearly select “Chinese-Australian Cooperation” in Electrical Engineering at the initial registration. If the initial quota of students is not met, students who applied to or were transferred to YSU School of Electrical Engineering are eligible to apply for this program.

2. Curriculum

YSU and CU have developed cooperative teaching plans, curriculum and teaching management. YSU offers 15 courses in 3 categories: general education courses, basic discipline courses and specialty development courses. In addition CU offers: English, digital signal processing, engineering electromagnetic field, intelligent power grid control overview, communication engineering, and power system protection; 5 of these are core specialty courses.

  3. Tuition, fees and other costs

Students are required to pay YSU 23,000 RMB per year for the 1st and 3rd school years, and pay CU the tuition for the 2nd school year which is subject to the CU standard for international students for that specific year. During the 2nd year at CU, students need to pay for housing, insurance, other miscellaneous fees, and a visa application. Students also pay for CU English Language Bridging courses. If students enrolled in the 2014 program do not attend CU for the 2nd school year, they pay YSU 13000 RMB per year for tuition for the 2nd and 3rd school years. If students enrolled in other years do not attend CU for the 2nd school year, they pay YSU 23000 RMB per year for tuition for the 2nd and 3rd school years.

4. Teaching Management and Teaching Approach

The Management Committee of the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering jointly hosted by YSU and CU runs this program.

CU provides curriculum and textbooks to YSU 2 months before the students take courses. Teaching methods are approved by both sides. All courses are face-to-face and are taught jointly by Chinese and foreign teachers. Chinese teachers deliver the courses in Chinese or in Chinese and English; foreign teachers in English. If necessary, students take classes intensively.

To ensure academic quality, both sides designed the syllabus, share teaching materials, and exchange course lists, test papers and assignments. The management committee is entitled to check and verify the teaching facilities at either YSU or CU.

The aim of this program is to introduce high-quality educational resources, and to restructure the curriculum and teaching approaches in electrical engineering. The program’s goal is to train high-quality graduates with an international vision to solve problems independently, to innovate and research in a systematic way.




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