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Key Disciplines
Jan 6, 2015 04:13 PM


Key Disciplines

National Key Discipline

First Level    Discipline Mechanical Engineering

Second Level Discipline

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Design and Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Materials Science

Hebei Provincial Strong Characteristic Discipline (Group)

Hebei Provincial Strong Characteristic Discipline (Group) (Yanshan University)

1. Mechanical Engineering

2. Materials Science and Engineering

3. Control Science and Engineering

4. information Science and Technology

Hebei Provincial Key Discipline

Yanshan University Key Discipline in Hebei Provincial

1. Mechanical Design and Theory

2. Mechatronic Engineering

3. Materials Science

4. Materials Physics and Chemistry

5. Materials Processing Engineering

6. Control Theory and Control Engineering

7. Computer Applications Technology

8. Optical Engineering

9. Measurement Techniques and Measuring Instruments

10. Power Electronics and Power Drives

11. Circuits and Systems

12. Practical Chemistry

13. Management Science and Engineering

14. Condensed Matter Physics

15. Engineering Mechanics

16. Administrative Management

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