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YSU Prof. Yongsheng Zhao’ team participated in R & D of the world's largest aperture radio telescope (FAST)


[News from News Center] Recently, the cabin, core component of the world's largest single-aperture radio telescope --- Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) which YSU Prof. Yongsheng Zhao’s team has been working on, has entered the final stage of installation and commissioning.

FAST is one of Nine National Science and Technology Infrastructures approved by the State Science and Education Directing Group. It made use of the unique terrain conditions of the karst depressions in southern Guizhou Province. With the unique design by Chinese scientists, it broke the hundred-meter limit in construction of the radio telescope and created a new model in building giant radio telescope, which reflects the comprehensive innovation capability of China's high-tech industry. On Dec 26, 2008, the foundation was laid and FAST was expected to be completed in Sept 2016.

Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST)

Cabin System of FAST

Photo of Prof. Yongsheng Zhao (fourth from left), his team members and FAST experts at the construction site

(provided by School of Mechanical Engineering)

As the core component of FAST, the cabin, is 7.6 meters in height and 30 tons in weight with the maximum diameter of 13 meters. It is a complex optical, mechanical and electrical system, with structures, measurement, control and other technologies in one. The 54th Research Institute under China Electronics Technology Group is in charge of the project. Working with the antenna servo specialized unit of the 54th Research Institute, Prof. Zhao and his team skillfully applied the related skills of former Shanghai 65 meter radio telescope antenna sub-reflector fine adjustment mechanism to the design and development of FAST cabin system. Meanwhile, Prof. Zhao and his team provided a strong theoretical guidance and technical support for the cabin system in program determination, structural design, mechanical modeling, and simulation etc.

Over the years, Prof.Zhaoand his teamhavebeen closely followingthedemandsof nationalmajor equipment.Aiming at advanced scientific fields abroad to fill the domestic void,they havebeen cooperating with large enterprises and research institutes and working effectivelyonoriginal institutional innovation, mechatronics integration, research and developmentofheavy equipment.

By virtue of profound academic accumulation in the field of parallel robot,they haveindependently developedthe key component ofShanghai 65m radio telescope --- the sub-reflector surface fine adjustment mechanism, meeting the requirements ofantenna high precision movement, harsh environment adaptability and long-term reliability successfully.

Shanghai 65m radio telescope, funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the country's lunar exploration program jointly, is the largest in Asia and also a full range movable radio telescope.It hasmade important contributionstoChina Chang-e lunar explorationproject, the exploration of Mars and other deep space exploration projects.

FAST is the most advanced project in the field of astronomical science in China and the largest and most powerful single antenna radio telescope under construction worldwide.Having absorbed all the possible advanced ideas In engineering technology, FAST proposed active reflective surface and photoelectric feed source support program, thus greatly expandeditsreceiving area. In addition, withits feed source and support systemsimplified,thetracking rangeofFAST on the celestial bodies and spacecraft has been greatly expanded.

FAST will provide opportunities for new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs in many basic research fields, and will play anintegralrole insun-earthenvironmental research, national defense construction and national security. After completion,FASTwill continue to be a first-class equipment in the next 20 to 30 years and international center for astronomy education.

(Editor: Yujing Chu)

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