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YSU holds Flag-Raising Ceremony for 2019 spring semester



[News from the News Center] At 7:00 on Feb. 25, YSU held flag-raising ceremonies at East and West Campuses. YSU leaders attended the ceremony including Sheng Wanyu, Kong Xiangdong, XieYan’an, Zhao Yongsheng, Wang Baocheng, and Huang Sheng.

Flag-raising ceremony of East Campus (Photographed by Wang Xiaoqi)

Flag-raising ceremony on West Campus (Photographed by Xi Hongjie)

Flag-raising ceremony of Liren College (Photographed by Li Tongtong)

The ceremony began with the solemn national anthem. All the teachers and students sang the national anthem as the national flagrose, expressing their determination to make progress with full enthusiasm.

Vice President Sheng Wanyuand Kong Xiangdong spoke at the ceremony of East and West Campus respectively. On behalf of YSU leaders, they expressed high respects to all the teachers for their hard workand extended greetings to all the students.

They reviewed the YSU’s achievements in the past year, summed up the contribution of our research team to the national major project, and reported the progress of teaching research and campus construction. They also encouraged students to work hard towards their own goals, and spare no efforts to build YSU into a Double First-class university.

Wang Hongbin, Dean of Liren College, spoke at the flag-raising ceremony of Liren College. He reviewed Liren’s achievements in the past year teaching performance, and encouraged students to work hard on their journey, and make great progress in the new year.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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