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Meng Xiangwei visits Academician Tian Yongjun



[News from the News Center] On the morning, Feb. 1st, Meng Xiangwei, Party Secretary of Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee, and his delegation, accompanied by Meng Weidong, YSU Party Secretary, and Zhao Dingxuan, YSU Vice President, visited Tian Yongjun, professor at YSU School of Materials Science and Engineering and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, at Metastable Materials Science and Technology State Key Laboratory, and they extended blessings and sincere greetings to all the teachers and students.

The meeting

On behalf of Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Meng Xiangwei present flowers to Prof. Tian Yongjun.

Prof. Tian Yongjun introduces his latest scientific research.

Meng Xiangwei learned more about Tian Yongjun’s life latest research. Tian Yongjun said that he would spare no effort to make due contribution to the YSU development and the society at large.

MengWeidong introduces YSU achievements.

On behalf of all the teachers and students, Meng Weidong expressed gratitude to the Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their support and attention, and introduced the recent achievements and future development plan from the perspective of the national research platform, the national research awards and the unique disciplines.

Meng Xiangwei speaks at the meeting.

(Photos above from CaiChangshan, the News Center)

MengXiangwei expressed his congratulations on YSU achievements and expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the faculty and staff for their continuous efforts. Meng Xiangwei said that the high-quality development of economy and society cannot be achieved without talents. It is necessary to further explore the effective ways to focus on infrastructure construction, talent training, etc., and support YSU development in education and teaching and research. Qinhuangdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Governmentwill make full use of the existing resources, continuously promote the service, improve policies for medical treatment, housing, and schooling for children to support talents. It is hoped that more achievement could be made both for the individuals and society.

Municipal leaders Xue Yongchun and Li Guoyong also attended the activities.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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