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Notice for the Academic Report from School of Electrical Engineering


Title: IntelligentAdaptive Control and Performance Analysis for Nonlinear Systems

Time: 16:00, September2, 2016 (Friday)

Venue: A 101,Building of Electrical School


The conventionalnonlinear control theory usually requires that the analytic mathematical modelis known, which seriously restricts its industrial application andpopularization. The intelligent control method, mainly composed of fuzzy theoryand neural network, provides a feasible answer to the above-mentioned problem.

First, based on anew fuzzy model,fuzzyhyperbolic model (FHM),fuzzy H∞controller using linear matrix inequality technique,designing idea and designing method of filter is proposed; the sufficientconditions for the global asymptotic stability of the linear system and thesignal estimation method for the discrete nonlinear systems with multiple timedelays are established. Therefore, a large number of difficult problems inindustrial processes such as real-time online modeling, poor robustness andcomplex designing of control and filter are solved.

Then, according tothe wholly unknown or partially known system model of the nonlinear system, theneural network adaptive iterative control method is proposed, which has solvedthe long standing scientific problem that Hamilton - Jacobi - Berman (HJB)equation is difficult to obtain the analytic solution directly. Through deep analysisof the inner mechanism of the adaptive iterative control algorithm, theiterative simplified analytical solution of HJB equation is found and theadaptive optimal control theory framework of neural network with multi-dynamicperformance index is established.


Personal Profile

Huaguang Zhang,male, is currently Director of Institute of Electrical Automation, School ofInformation Technology, Northeastern University, Ph.D. advisor, distinguishedprofessor of Yangtse River Scholars by Ministry of Education, IEEE fellow,Editor of International IEEE CIS Newsletter (EIC), Associate Editor of Automatica,IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and IEEE Trans. SMC-Band other authoritative publications in the field of international controlling.

Hewas selected national first level talent in the New Century Talents Project,winner ofThe National ScienceFundfor Distinguished Young Scholars,thenational model worker.He was awarded theNational Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the National NaturalScience Foundation of Major or Key Funds (3 projects), the National 863 High-techMajor Projects (4 projects), Returned Overseas Students fund. He also undertookover 20 major automation projects for enterprises.

Hewas awarded the second prize of 2010 National Prize for Progress in Scientificand Technology as the first winner and the second prize of 2007National Award for Technological Invention. He has published over 300 papers on national andinternationalauthoritative journals and important conferencessuch as “IEEE Trans. on SMC” “IEEE Trans. on FS” “IEEE Trans. on NN” “IEEETrans. on AC” “Automatica” “Physics Letter A” “Fuzzy Sets and Systems”"Chinese Science" "Journal of Automation" "Journal ofPhysics" "Journal of Electronics" "China ElectricalEngineering" and so on. What’s more, he has been cited over 4000 times bySCI and thus is the highest-cited scientist of Thomson. He has authored andpublished five monographs (three in English) on Intelligent Adaptive Control.Until now, over 100 doctors, masters and post-doctoral degree holders under hissupervision have graduated.



Schoolof Electrical Engineering

August 30, 2016

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