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Notice for Report on “Dialogue between Sculpture and Material” from School of Art & Design


Title: Dialogue between Sculpture andMaterial

Time: 14:30 Sep. 21, 2016 (Wed.)

Venue: B104 Music Hall, West Campus, YSU


Born in Nagano County Matsumoto City, Japanin 1953

Graduated with a master degree from Facultyof Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in 1983

Worked in Tokyo University of the Arts from1983 to 1986

Has been working in Okinawa PrefecturalUniversity of the Arts since 1986

He is currently a professor of Departmentof Fine Arts and Crafts, Dean of the Department of Sculpture, Director of the ResearchDepartment of Plastic Arts, Head of School of Fine Arts and Crafts in OkinawaPrefectural University.

He is one of the representative artists inthe field of sculpture in Japan. His works are composed of clay, wood andstone, metal and other materials, which are full of rich expressive force andstrong visual impact. Since 1977, his works have been exhibited and awardednearly 100 times. The Japanese official collection of his works have reached nearly20 pieces. This report will cover his experiences on sculpture creation andteaching accumulated over the past years, the present situation of contemporarysculpture in Japan and the introduction of Okinawa Prefectural University ofthe Arts.


School of Art & Design

Sep. 19, 2016

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