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Academic Report:Discovering & Writing Campus News



Title: Discovering & WritingCampus News

Reporter:Hongsong Zhou

Time: 9:00, Thursdaymorning, April 20th, 2017

Venue: Second ReceptionRoom, 21st floor, the Century Building


Zhou, a seniorreporter of the journalist station of China Education Daily  in Hebei, hasbeen working closely with many colleges and universities, thus accumulated a wealth of practical experience in discovering and writing campus news.

This is thesecond lecture of a series of activities themed by “Walking with Famous Journalists”and conducted by News Center at YSU. To enrich campus culture and improvestudent reporters’ writing techniques, this series invites journalists from famous newspapers and periodicals to share their stories about their jobs.

All students are welcome.

Publicity Office of Party Committee at YSU

YSU News Center

Apr. 19th,2017

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