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Academic Report: Corporate Partnership Architecture and Top Design of Equity



Topic: Corporate Partnership Architecture and Top Design of Equity

Time: 1550 -17:30, June 18th (Sunday), 2017

Venue: B102, Building of Economics and Management, East Campus

Lecturer: Zhi Wang, Chairman of the Board of Swire Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Qinhuangdao

In the current economic situation, it is a question for mature companies to expand and keep the loyalty of staff. How do the Entrepreneurial teams allocate their shares, and balance the proportion of capital, technology, resources? How do small enterprises do the top design of their shares and hold space for future investment and strategic partners? Staff and capital competition are all about equity structure. Wang will share his experiences in attracting partners, inspiring the team, getting external financing, and promoting development of companies.

MBA Education Center

June 14th, 2017


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