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Academic Report: Chorus Rehearsal and Singing Skills



Time: 2:30-17:00, June 25th and 26th, 2017

Venue: B104, Music Hall, West Campus

Lecturer: Baoping Ren

About the Lecturer: Prof. Ren is Vice president of Music Education Committee of Chinese Society of Higher Education, Chairman of Chinese University Choral Committee, Vice Chairman of Asian Choirs' Association, Executive Director of China Chorus Association, Deputy Director of Music Conducting Council, Director of Arts Education Center with Tianjin University, and Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of Peiyang Chorus. 

Prof. Ren was a student of prof. Geshun Ma, a famous cantor and music educator. Since 1983, Prof. Ren has been working on choral and choral teaching. He integrated his years of achievements into Chinese chorus innovation, creating a unique "Peiyang Chorus”. He is one of the representatives contemporary chorus artists in China and has been promoting the popularization of high arts in institutions of higher learning. His name was included in 2007 Who’s Who in the Chorus World.


School of Arts and Design

June 22nd, 2017

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