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Academic Report: What is Interactive Teaching? -- A Study Experience at PolyU


Time: 15:30-16:30, July 11th (Tuesday), 2017

Venue: 417, Humanity Building, East Campus

About the lecturer: Lijun Liu, Associate Senior Editor, teacher of School of Foreign Studies, YSU, is now a reviewer of English teaching column of many domestic and foreign academic journals, including TESOL Journal; a special column editor of “Teaching through English Audio and Video”at sponsored by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press; an editor of the news listening column at a teaching resource platform—Unipus sponsored by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press; and a member of China English for Academic Purposes Association. In recent years, Liu published 3 academic papers in journals like College English Teaching and Research, and 5 translations by China Astronautic Publishing House. His main research includes Language Test and English for Academic Purpose.

About the lecture: The lecture will start from the seminar at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Liu notes that, for a better personnel training, teaching and research, college teachers should adopt PolyU ideas that advocate Opening Minds and Shaping the Future. Liu will also share his views on interactive teaching. He will give detailed introductions to the reason, types, four features, and teaching methods of interactive teaching in a language teaching class. At last, Liu will emphasize that an effective interactive teaching will bring long-term benefits which needs all teachers to explore.

All teachers and students are welcome!

School of Foreign Studies

July 10th, 2017




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