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QHD College and University achievements announcing conference for 2016 was held at YSU


(News from News Center)On Aug. 4th, QHD College and University achievements announcing conference for 2016,hosted by QHD Bureau of Science and Technology,was held in 209 Students’ ActivityCenteron YSU east campus. Present at the conference were Zhang Feng---Vice Mayor of QHD city, Xiangdong Kong---YSU Vice President, representatives from Northeastern University at QHD, Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology, Hebei Vocational and Technical College of Building Materials, etc. and 100 representatives of QHD local enterprises.

The conference

Prof.Xiangdong Kong, YSU Vice President,is giving a speech.

Tielin Yang, Chief ofQHD Bureau of Science and Technology, chaired the conference. Prof. Xiangdong Kong, YSU Vice President, gave a speech on behalf of colleges and universities in QHD. He said, YSU, as a national key university, has been following the direction of national policy to accelarate the transformation of scientific achievements. In the past two years, YSU signed 400 technological contracts with 200 enterprises, totaling 100 million RMB. QHD enterprises benefited from the cooperation which vigorously promoted their technical innovation, research and development of new products, and competitive edge. On the other hand, colleges and universities promoted the level of scientific research, scientific achievements transformation efficiency and students’ quality, which pushes the integration between education and economy to promote the development of national strategy and local economy.

Feng Zhang,QHDVice Mayor is giving a speech on the conference.

QHD Vice MayorFeng Zhangsaid in his speech thatcolleges and universities in QHDplay a positive role in the development of scientific research and training of excellent personnel. Universities push regional economic and social development and give full play to their advantages in science, technology and intelligence. He hopes to deepen the production, study and research cooperation between colleges and enterprises, to power up industrial transformation and upgrading of QHD enterprises, thus speed up the construction of QHD as a beautiful coastal city.

On the conference, achievements in Mechanical Materials, Precision Processing Machinery, Farming, Building Materials, Business Administration were publicized by universities including YSU, Northeastern University at QHD, Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology, Hebei Vocational and Technical College of Building Materialsand other universities in QHD.After the conference, the delegates visited YSU state key laboratory of metastable materials preparation technology and national technology research center of cold-rolled strip manufacturing and processing, and showed their cooperative intentions with universities.

This conference is a specific innovative measurement for QHD Bureau of Science and Technology to follow the directions of provincial innovation conference, publicize scientific innovation policy and further push innovative business at all levels. It is also an important part of “QHD Science and Technology Week” activity.

(Editor: Qiaoyi Cai)

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