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The National Astronomical Observatory wrote to appreciate the contribution to FAST project by the research team led by YSU Prof. Jingyi Zhao


【From News Center】 Recently, the National Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences wrote to appreciate the contribution to FAST (the world’s largest spherical radio telescope of 500m diameter) by the research team led by YSU Prof. Jingyi Zhao, Department of Electro mechanical Control, School of Mechanical Engineering.

The group photo of Prof. Jingyi Zhao (3rd from left) and his team on FAST project site

(The photois provided by School of Mechanical Engineering)


FAST was established in the mountain of Dawodang, Jinke Village, Kedu Town, Pingtang Country, Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, southern Guizhou Province on Sep. 25th, 2016. Its spherical surface,like a giant human eye ball staring at the boundless sky, has adiameter of 500m. FAST telescope is supported by 2228 hydraulic actuators in dense arrangement like muscle nerves of a human eyeball which absolutely cannot be damaged. How to prevent potential damages of the “eyeball”? After repeated selections, Prof. Zhao's team was chosen to participate in the reliability research and experiment of the key components of the hydraulic actuatorsin 2014.

The initial cooperation between Prof. Zhao's team and FAST started in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in Sep. 2014. The research team set up a parallel energy-saving integrated experimental platform and completed 3000 hours’reliability life test of two sets of hydraulic pump aggregate as well as hydraulic overflow valve and hydraulic control non-return valve, thus laying a foundation for the reliability evaluation of hydraulic actuators. In Nov. 2015, Prof. Zhao's team flew to Guizhouand completed the health diagnosis of hydraulic actuators in the radio telescope base using active hydraulic test of independent intellectual property right in order to provide a control strategy to ensure the operational reliability of hydraulic actuators. Based on this, both sides reached further cooperation intentions.

The delegation led by Qiming Wang, chief technologist of FAST came to YSU and expressed the irappreciation to the contribution by Prof. Zhao's research team on Jan. 16th, 2016; meanwhile,the two sides conducted a further cooperative discussion on the relie ability research of hydraulic actuators,laying a foundation for the safe and reliable operation of FAST. The research project Life Prediction and Reliability Growth of FAST Actuator Group System received the funding of 0.7 million RMB from the National Natural Science Foundation of Chinain Sep. 2016.

At present, Prof. Zhao’s teamhas completed the reliability experiment and life evaluation of the key components of hydraulic actuators.Based on the health monitoring and fault diagnosis system and reliability test data obtained in the construction of FAST and the funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China,the team will carry out further research on life prediction and reliability growth direction of hydraulic actuator group system.Through data analysis, the team will establish monomerand group system life model of hydraulic actuatorsto find out root causes for potential break down sand life decrease ofhydraulic actuators, to provide improvement programs, maintenance and repair strategies of hydraulic actuators,to ensurethe reliable operation of FAST,to enrich and perfect the reliability engineering system,and to provide the theoretical and technical supportfor the design and construction of large telescope projects.

In the 1990s, Prof. Zhao made great achievements on the reliability research on heavy hydraulic equipmentand completed the reliability research on the hydraulic control of missile launching and paratrooper vehicles in the field of national defense and large scale engineering transport vehicles for civil bridge vehicle. He alsopublished the monograph Hydraulic System Reliability Engineering. Meanwhile, multi-machine parallel reliability experimental device and analysis method-the research results of independent intellectual property right have been tested internationally advanced. Because of his outstanding contributions to the innovation and application of the reliability system, he was employed as the expert of the National Hydraulic Standards Committee. Therefore, super large transport vehicles branch of China Construction Machinery arranged its secretariat at YSU. (Editor: Qiaoyi Cai)

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