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Automation Accepted Professional Certification Site Inspection of National Engineering Education





[News from News Center] From June 19th to June 21st, Chinese Engineering Education Accreditation Association Expert Panel conducted a site inspection of Automation at YSU (reevaluation).

The conferencePhotographer: Ruitao Wang



Vice President Dingxuan Zhao is addressing the conference.Photographer: Ruitao Wang


Expert Panel Leader, Prof. Zuohua Tian is addressing the conference. (Photographer: Ruitao Wang)


On the morning of June 19th, Vice President Dingxuan Zhao, heads of relevant departments, and faculty representatives attended the on-site inspection conference. He introduced YSU support to the engineering education certification and the development of Automation. YSU has been focused on professional certification and gave preferential policies and support to majors in terms of funding, teaching reform, faculty training, and sustainable development. On the basis of strengthening students’ training of basic knowledge and professional skills, YSU also paid attention to students’ engineering practice, teamwork, lifelong learning, humanistic quality, international communication. The Curriculum, teaching quality guarantee, and monitoring system match Engineering education. The expert panel leader, Prof. Zuohua Tian explained the purpose of this site inspection, and listened to reports about school situation, major status, major orientation, training objectives, teaching practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, teaching reform, and continuous improvement. The faculty and administrators of Automation answered questions from the experts about solutions to complex engineering-related problems, project-oriented teaching design, training objectives revision, students’practice competence improvement, graduation design, and support of students in science and technology competition.


Expert panel’s site inspection of School of Electrical Engineering laboratory (Photographer: Yu Guo)  


After the conference, the expert panel did a field survey of YSU Engineering Training Center, College Physics Experiment Center, Chemistry Laboratory, and Professional Laboratory. During the three-day inspection, the expert panel reviewed the teaching materials and administrative documents, including curriculum, syllabus, internship reports, graduation design, teaching evaluation. The expert panel also interviewed many students, graduates and employer representatives to have an in-depth understanding of Automation majors training.



Feedback (photographer: Rui Liu)



President Hongmin Liu is addressing the conference. (Photographer: Rui Liu)


On the morning of June 21st, President Hongmin Liu, head of relevant departments, and all the full-time faculty attended the feedback conference. Prof. Tian gave a high evaluation of YSU preparation for automation certification and gave some suggestions on the improvement and optimization of student training scheme, teaching quality construction, practice teaching, curriculum analysis, and evaluation of learning effects. On behalf of YSU, President Liu thanked expert panel’s hard work and put forward preliminary rectification requirements. He asked the relevant departments to seriously sort out and digest the experts’ feedback to form a rectification plan with a clear timetable and road map. He pointed out that the professional certification was an impetus of student training reform, and that YSU would take this opportunity to further develop its advantages, strengthen weak links, and strive to train qualified graduates for the society.

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