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YSU Hosted 2017 National Biennial Conference on Glass Science and Technology



[News from News Center] From August 27th to 29th, the 2017 National Biennial Conference on Glass Science and Technology was held at BTG Jinglun Hotel, Qinhuangdao. The conference was sponsored by the Glass Sub-Committee of the Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS) and hosted by YSU and Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Prof. Zhongfan Liu from Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University; Academician of CAS Prof. Yi Xie from University of Science and Technology of China; Prof. Shou Peng, Vice President of the CCS, President of Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry and Director of Float Glass of State Key Laboratory; YSU Vice President Xiangdong Kong; Zhanping Jin, Secretary General of the CCS; Yan Zuo, President of the Glass Sub-Committee of the CCS; Baiheng Zhang, Vice President and Secretary General of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association attended the conference as well as over 270 expert representatives from more than 100 scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises.

Prof. Shimin Liu is hosting the conference.

Xiangdong Kong is addressing the conference.

The opening ceremony of the conference was hosted by Prof. Shimin Liu from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, YSU. Xiangdong Kong addressed the welcoming speech and introduced the development of YSU to the guests. Zhanping Jin expressed congratulations to the conference, and indicated that the Glass Sub-Committee, as a committee subordinate to the CCS, played an effective role in encouraging academic contention and promoting glass technology through academic exchange and other activities.

Zhanping Jin is addressing the conference.

The conference, based on current industry technology frontier and the latest development trend, discussed basic scientific problems of advanced glass, manufacturing technology, processing technology, innovative applications and related equipment and products. 32 academic reports were given at one main conference room and two branch conference rooms. More than 10 experts, including Zhongfan Liu, Shou Peng, Prof. Gaorong Han from Zhejiang University, Prof. Xiujian Zhao from Wuhan University of Technology, Prof. Limin Wang from YSU and Lili Hu, researcher from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, the CAS, gave their excellent reports at the main conference room.

Zhoufan Liu is giving his invited report.

Shou Peng is giving his invited report.

(The photos are provided by the School of Materials Science and Engineering.)


Zhoufan Liu introduced the development of graphene industry. By putting graphene and glass together, he analyzed present situation, existing problems and the future trends. Shou Peng introduced the development of modern glass materials and summed up the present situation, and gave a direction to further research and development in the future. Limin Wang came up with a new idea with phase diagram as the medium to explore and establish the correlation between thermodynamics of materials and amorphous formation, which led to preparation of new amorphous materials.

Held biennially, the conference has been a stage for academic research and exchanges nationwide and an integral force to push for the development of glass industry and social progress. The 2017 conference promoted deep exchange and cooperation between YSU and domestic peer colleges in this field, due to which YSUs influence has been enhanced and the development of materials science and engineering at YSU has been accelerated. 

The conference also got the strong support and assistance from Zhuzhou Qinbin Group Limited Liability Company, Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd., Guangdong South Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Haoda Environmental Protection Science Limited Company, and Beijing MGM Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises and companies. (Translated by Tong Xing) 

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