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YSU Successfully Completed 2017 Freshmen Orientation



[News from News Center] On Sep. 2nd and 3rd, 6215 undergraduates, 2081 Master Degree candidates, and 163 Doctoral candidates registered on schedule with cooperation among all schools and departments and YSU successfully completed 2017 freshmen orientation.

YSU leaders delivered sufficient concern to freshmen orientation and formed a leading group. YSU Vice President Sheng Huang attended coordination meetings and clarified duties and tasks of every department to ensure that freshmen orientation be arranged in an orderly manner. At 13:30, Sep. 2nd, freshmen orientation officially began. YSU President Hongmin Liu, Vice President Sheng Huang, accompanied by directors of relevant departments, instructed work on east and west campus and praised teachers and students who participated in the orientation on behalf of YSU, which inspired everyone’s enthusiasm. YSU leaders also held friendly exchanges with freshmen and their parents by inquiring into their registration. And they also wrote encouraging words for freshmen, inspiring them to reach a combination of learning and thinking, and a unity of knowing and doing, which gave freshmen cordial feeling and stimulation.

YSU President Hongmin Liu and Vice President Sheng Huang are inspecting registration sites.

President Hongmin Liu is talking with freshmans parents.

President Hongmin Liu autographed encouraging words for a freshman.

Vice President Sheng Huang autographed encouraging words for freshmen.


At Qinhuangdao Railway Station, YSU set a 24-hour freshmen transportation station. Counselors and student volunteers from School of Economics and Management undertook the task to meet freshmen at the railway station. Buses running between the railway station and YSU campus both day and night were arranged to offer free shuttles to freshmen and their parents. 132 departures of buses guaranteed freshmens successful arrival at YSU. At registration sites, duties were divided distinctly, and the work was intense but in order. Welcoming stations were set at both east and west campus to provide Green Passage for students with financial difficulties, and to publicize financial aid policy. Many Luggage Depositories and Parents Rest Zones were set to put people-oriented service concept in practice. All schools handed out relevant materials to freshmen, explained school policies, and helped keep campus in order. Volunteers warmly guided freshmen and parents to apartments and provided various consulting and voluntary services. Thanks to YSU teachers and student volunteers, the orientation went smoothly. Considerate service and convenient procedures deeply impressed them, strengthening their understanding of YSU.

This year, more creativity was integrated, gaining praises from freshmen and their parents. On buses, tourism management major volunteers introduced YSU history to freshmen, which made them feel close and strengthened their recognition and sense of belonging. Students award-winning works in national science & technology competitions were exhibited at registration site of School of Electrical Engineering, which broadened freshmen horizon and stimulated their enthusiasm of attending science& technology activities. Map Wall was set by School of Economics and Management to locate freshmens hometowns. Photo Wall was set in front of dorms by School of Humanities and Law to take and print photos for freshmen to keep their beautiful memory at such a significant moment.

Bus for freshmen enrollment

Freshmen are handling enrollment procedures.

(The photos above are provided by Student Affairs Office.)


Coincided with Qinhuangdaos creating a national civilized city, this years freshmen orientation is faced with higher requirements. YSU made preparations in advance and took students-oriented measures. Teachers and students volunteers guaranteed thoughtful service and orderly organization. In the summer vacation, Academic Affairs Office, Admissions and Career Development Services, and Information Technology Center sent letters of admission, arranged classes, made Campus ID Cards to ensure that freshmen can study and live smoothly in their first semester at YSU. Logistics Group whitewashed 1497 freshmen dorms and walls of corridors, which beautified students living environment. The Publicity Department improved campus cultural taste. Staff from Financial Department and Safety Office worked extra time for handling freshmen enrollment procedures and keeping campus in order. YSU Youth League Committee set lots of voluntary service sites facilitating freshmen and parents.

Students Union and other organizations made contribution combining online and practical service. Student Affairs Office provided relevant information and safety notice timely through the official account on Wechat, printed Guidance for Freshmen facilitating freshmen to adjust to university life as soon as possible, formulated military training plan for an effective and safe military training. The financial aid hotline was open for freshmen and parents to understand relevant policies, and over 100 calls were answered. Psychological guidance books compiled by YSU Psychology Center were delivered to every dorm to attract freshmens attention on psychological health and a rational and peaceful mentality. A series of lectures about life health, safety, and university history will be delivered by experts or teachers from Qinhuangdao hospitals, YSU Safety Office, and YSU Retirement Service Office after the orientation for all undergraduates and graduate freshmen students. All these measures were practicing the concept of focus on students, care about students, and serve students. All schools contacted with freshmen via Wechat, QQ and other new Medias in summer holiday in advance. Counselors informed related issues timely and answered questions even before their enrollment. (Translated by Zhengjie Li) 


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