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YSU Youth Volunteers Contributed to Building Qinhuangdao into a Civilized City


[News from News Center] On the morning of Sep. 4th, YSU youth volunteers participated in an activity “Building Qinhuangdao into a Civilized City, cleaning bus stations on Hebei Street from YSU to Citizen Center, and the beach from the Golden Beach to the Langya Mountains. Huimin Liu, Secretary of Qinhuangdao Youth League, Xida Li, Secretary of YSU Youth League, and others joined in the activity which was exclusively interviewed by Qinhuangdao TV Station.

YSU volunteers are cleaning the beach.

YSU volunteers are cleaning the bus station.


At 8:00 am, 200 YSU volunteers gathered in front of the library and walked to activity spots. On the beach, they were divided into two groups, one on the sand beach and the other on the plank road, picking up paper scraps, cigarette ends and putting them into trash bags. At bus stations, they wiped the station signs, seats and other dirty marks.

YSU volunteers are assisting the traffic management.


YSU volunteers are in the activity “Safe Volunteers”.


Since the beginning of 2017, YSU young volunteers contribute actively to building Qinhuangdao into a civilized city and carry out a series of activities including Traffic assistant, Lei Feng service in communities, Beach clean-up, Bus station cleaning, Anti-drug publicity, Blood donation, and Volunteer service in summer”, involving more than 20,000 volunteers and covering more than 150,000 hours. All these help improve the appearance and environment of Qinhuangdao, and provide strong support for building Qinhuangdao into a civilized city. Besides, the spirits of YSU youth, such as dedication and cooperation have been fully reflected, which gains them a good reputation from Qinhuangdao citizens. 

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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