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Liren College Held 2017 Freshmen Military Training Commendation Ceremony


[News from News Center] The 2017 freshmen military training commendation ceremony was held at the square in front of the Experimental Center of Liren College at 8:00 am on Sep. 9th. College leaders and department heads attended the ceremony, and 23 military training teams instructed by 31 drillmasters undergone the review.

The ceremony was hosted by the Commissar of the Military Training Corps and the Assistant Dean of Liren College, Xin Chang.

Assistant Dean Shihua Li; Deputy Party Secretary and Assistant Dean Xuemei Shang and Lianwang Hao; and Assistant Dean Yu Zhou read out the following decisions from the Armed Forces Department of Liren College respectively: "Decision on Commanding the Outstanding Teams of 2017 Freshmen Military Training", "Decision on Commanding the Excellent Drillmaster of 2017 Freshmen Military Training", "Decision on Commending the Training Model of 2017 Freshmen Military Training", "Decision on Commending Outstanding Cadets for 2017 Freshmen Military Training".

The leaders presented honorary certificates to the winning teams and individuals. Hongbin Wang, Dean of Liren College conveyed performance commands to the parading group, which opened the prelude to the reporting performance.

The selected six outstanding teams respectively showed arrest boxing, stick shield exercises, individual queue, first aid and other training subjects. Students regular formation, standard movements and resounding slogans won them applause from time to time.

Arrest boxing show

Stick shield show

Individual queue display

First aid demonstration

(The photos above are provided by Liren College.) 


Guowei Wang, head of the military training corps, delivered a concluding speech. On behalf of Liren College, he extended cordial greetings and warm congratulations to all the freshmen who had actively participated in the military training and successfully finished their “Lesson One”, and he expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect to all the military training instructors for their hard work. Besides, Wang made a brief summary in terms of the organization of the military mission, the completion of military training subjects and students’ gains from the training. He hoped that students could continue to maintain good habits developed in the military training in their upcoming life, comply with the regulations, and quickly adapt to the rhythm of college life.

(Translated by Pan Li)

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