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YSU Held 2017 CCMC Earth Moving Machinery Branch Executive Meeting



[News from News Center] On Sep. 14th, YSU held 2017 China Construction Machinery Society (CCMC) Earth Moving Machinery Branch (EMMB) executive meeting.Prof. Dingxuan Zhao, Vice Chairman of CCMC and Chairman of EMMB, hosted the meeting. Experts and scholars from universities, enterprises and industrial associations attended the meeting. 

The meeting

(The photo is provided by School of Mechanical Engineering)

The meeting systematically andcomprehensively summed up the work of EMMB in the past year. Firstly, EMMB has always actively cooperated with the headquarters and organized specialists and scholars to complete the "Mechanical Engineering Brochure" (EMMB volume) since it was affiliated to YSU in 2017.  Sponsored by China Publishing Fund, the brochure is scheduled to be published by Tsinghua University Press early next year. Secondly, taking the lead, EMMB organized The 6th International Conference on Advances in Construction Machinery and Vehicle Engineering together with Super Large Engineering Vehicle Branch of CCMC. The conference was sponsored by CMCC and hosted by YSU. It was successfully concluded on Sep. 16th. The success of the international conference has made important contributions to the promotion of international exchanges in the field of engineering machinery and vehicle engineering in China. The meeting also discussed other matters such as the plan for 2018. 

EMMB is the largest of the 14 branches under CCMS. There are 43 member units and 728 registered members. At present, YSU is the affiliated unit of EMMB and Prof. Dingxuan Zhao holds the position of Chairman. Earth Moving Machinery, the main type of engineering machinery, mainly includes loaders, bulldozers, graders, scrapers and dumpers. China has the highest output of earth moving machinery in the world. 80% of the total output of the world's loaders are made in China.

(Translated by Xueru Jiang)


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