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YSU 2017 Freshmen Welcome Gala


[News from News Center] At 19:30, Sep.15th, 2017 Freshmen Welcome Gala was held at 109, Activity Center, East Campus. YSU Vice President Sheng Huang, school and department leaders, and freshmen watched the performances. The gala was sponsored by YSU committee of Communist Youth League and hosted by YSU Student Union.




(The photo is provided by YSU committee of Communist Youth League.)



Cross talk “I Am a Litterateur”

(Photographed by Yingjun Wang, News Center)



Dance “Kalaer-move”

(Photographed by Yingjun Wang, News Center)

Integrating songs, dance, talk show, cross talk, martial art, and model show, the gala was themed by “Welcome and company freshmen along the way”. Fair-founding songs “Fish” and “Princess”; humorous cross talk “I Am a Litterateur”; sporty dance “Kalaer-move”; and rope skipping show feasted audience’s eyes.

Creative performance “Martial Arts and Calligraphy

(The photo is provided by YSU committee of Communist Youth League.)



Poetry recitation “Ode to YSU

(Photographed by Yingjun Wang, News Center)

Solo “Far from Home”

(Photographed by Yingjun Wang, News Center)

Dance “Peach Flowers Bloom”

(Photographed by Honghong Zhu, News Center)

The chorus “Love Balloon”

(The photo is provided by YSU committee of Communist Youth League.)

Elegance and vitality of youth were manifested through the performances, the cast and stage effect. Talk show Broadcasting Station & YSU” displayed abundant campus culture and life at YSU. Wiggly robots and models on runway gave much enjoyment to the audience. Creative performance “Martial Arts and Calligraphy” integrated many Chinese traditional cultural elements such as martial arts, calligraphy and painting. Two lovely lions shaking their heads acted by students interacted with audience in this performance, showing versatility and diversified development of YSU students. Impassioned poetry recitation “Ode to YSU” narrated the development of YSU. In the poetry, “I am proud to be at YSU” expressed the pride of all generations of students at YSU and struck a responsive chord. Solo “Far from home” by Yanpeng Ning told mothers’ love to their sons and daughters far from home, also expressed teachers’ expectations of all freshmen. Freshmen were expected to work hard and repay YSU with achievements. The gala ended in moving ambience of the chorus “Love Balloon”.

Live broadcast of the gala enabled absent students to enjoy it. Wechat Wall also added brilliance to the gala; over 1000 Wechat messages showed students’ enthusiasm. The opinions to the gala and respect to teachers and students preparing for the gala were expressed through new media. It is known that the gala was planned during the summer holiday by YSU committee of Communist Youth League and Student Union. After 2-week rehearsal, a platform was forged to show YSU cultural heritage and youth elegance.

(Translated by Zhengjie Li) 

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