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Liren College Won Awards in 2017 the 9th Chinese Mathematics Competition



[News from News Center] Recently, according to the competition committee, students from Liren College won awards in 2017 the 9th Chinese Mathematics Competition. Leping Fu and other 2 students of the grade 2016 won the state-level First Prize; Xinqian Cao and other 6 students of the Grade 2014 won the state-level Second Prize; and Yinghui Shi and other 6 students won the Third Prize. In the CMC Hebei session held before the state-level competition, a total of 14 students from Liren College won the First Prize of Hebei province, 17 students the Second Prize, and 30 the Third Prize. In addition, the proportion of awarded students in all participants from Liren College is further higher than that of previous years.

The award-winning students and instructors

(Photo from Liren College)

The Second Basic Teaching Department of Mathematics Teaching and Research Office, supported by the school leaders and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Guidance Center, organized the students to participate in the competition for the fourth time of this year, and a total of 300 students applied for the entry. 95 participants were selected to the CMC Hebei session in September after the school trials in June. Then after the provincial competition, 45 excellent competitors were eventually qualified for the national competition in October.

(Translated by Sai Wang)



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