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YSU Selected as the “Characteristic School of National Defense Education”



[News from the News Center] Several days ago, the Ministry of Education (MoE) made an announcement releasing the List of 2017 “Characteristic School of National Defense Education”, and YSU had been selected as the “Characteristic School of National Defense Education”.


The MoE carried out a comprehensive assessment in order to select the “Characteristic School of National Defense Education” on the basis of voluntary application and recommendation from the Educational Administration at provincial level. This activity fully implements the guidelines from the 19th Session of National Congress of the CPC and 13th Five-Year Plan for National Education. The purpose of this initiative is to improve students’ comprehensive quality of national defense, and to promote the construction of characteristic school of national defense education. A total of 196 undergraduate colleges and universities were selected.


Being selected for YSU is a strong affirmation of its national defense education. In recent years, the YSU has integrated national defense education with the cultivation of the students’ growth and development, and insisted that the national defense education must run through the entire process of students’ cultivation; something that is achieved through the use of enriching and innovative teaching methods. From a series of lectures and training on military knowledge and skills, students had gained understanding of modern military science and grasp basic martial skills such as queue drilling, practice and first aid, and to temper their tenacity and strength.


Furthermore, YSU carries out various kinds of thematic education activities on National Security Education Day and at other important times to inspire students’ patriotism. This can include regular visits to barracks and inspirational speeches from alumni who are in the army. YSU fully implements the national conscription policy and encourages students to accept to be drafted into the army. The number of students recruited has doubled every year over the last two years. Students also volunteered to protect the border in Tibet and on other frontiers. YSU has been rated as an “Advanced Unit in Hebei Conscription” and as an “Advanced Armed Unit in Haigang District, Qinhuangdao”.


In the future, YSU will take the election as an opportunity to further explore the educational experience and to take full advantage of the distinguishing features outlined in the guidelines of the 19th NCCPC as well as in the National Defense Law and the National Defense Education Law. YSU will also pay attention to students’ thought guidance, and promote a combination of national defense education and students’ daily ideological and political education, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of national defense education in YSU.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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