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YSU’s Eight Industry-University Collaboration for Education Programs are Approved



[News from the News Center] Recently, the Department of Higher Education under the MoE released the list of Industry-University Collaboration for Education Programs supported by relevant enterprises (second batch of 2017), YSU’s 8 programs were approved. Among these programs, 3 are about teaching syllabus and curriculum reform, 2 about teacher training, 2 about the construction of practice conditions, and 1 about innovation & entrepreneurship fund.


It is reported that the Department of Higher Education launched and implemented the Industry-University Collaboration for Education Programs in 2014. This initiative aimed to promote the reform of higher education with the latest needs of industrial development as the driving force. Over these 4 years, the number of enterprises involved, projects collected, funding and colleges and universities involved has achieved exponential growth.


At present, there are more than 500 well-known enterprises at home and abroad and nearly 1,000 colleges and universities have carried out in-depth cooperation. The number of cooperative programs was up to nearly 18,000, with funds of nearly 3 billion NYC from the enterprises. The concept of Cooperative Education has been deeply rooted. The framework of the combination of industry and education, and the cooperation between industry and university are gradually formed. And the long-term mechanism of university and enterprise’s cooperation in running schools, , employment, and development is being gradually set up. YSU has actively participated in the application of the programs since 2016. Until now, a total of 20 programs have been approved, and YSU has cooperated with18 enterprises, of which 1 program has been successfully completed and accepted. Compared with the first three batches of the approved programs, the number of the programs in this batch increased markedly, and more schools were involved.

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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