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YSU’s Project First Wins China National Arts Fund




[News from the News Center] Recently, the selection results from 2018 China National Arts Fund projects were unveiled. The program “Performance Talents’ Education and Training for Stage Arts of Northern-China Shadow Puppetry presided over by Man Xu, a teacher at the School of Arts and Design of YSU, won the award, This marks a breakthrough for YSU which has gone from zero in the China National Arts Fund project application.


As the most distinctive traditional culture, the northern shadow puppetry art, among the shadow puppetries in all regions in China, integrates historic significance, literary excellence and great artistry. In recent years, the development of the northern shadow puppetry is facing a great challenge of successor shortage because of the outflow of artistic talents in northern China. The YSU’s project, taking the unique art characteristic of the northern shadow puppetry as the basis for research, keeping to the central theme of the era, aims to boost the innovation and development of excellent traditional culture of Chinese nation and to train a group of compound talents for the northern shadow play. Featuring in stage performance, they are also expected to excel in a variety of qualities such as writing and editing.


As a state-level non-profit fund jointly established by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance after the approval of the State Council in 2013, China National Arts Fund aims to create a boom in artistic innovation, and to forge and circulating original artistic works, training artistic creation talents, so as to progress the sound development of China’s artistic cause. In 2018, China National Arts Fund received 6,952 project applications, 955 of which were approved and funded after initial assessment and final evaluation, and about 750 million CNY was granted

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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