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YSU’s Wushu Team Wins Awards in 9th Hebei Wushu Competition for University and High School Students




[News from the News Center] Between Jan. 22nd and 25th, YSU Wushu Team attended the 9th Hebei Wushu Competition for University and High School Students on Caofeidian Campus, North China University of Science and Technology. Sponsored by Hebei Education Department, hosted by NCST, and co-organized by Hebei University Sports Association, the Competition attracted more than 400 athletes from 39 universities and institutes including Yanshan University, Hebei University, Hebei Normal University, Hebei Finance University, Shijiazhuang Education Department, and Zhangjiakou Education Department. Eleven athletes from YSU Team competed in 10 individual events, both optional and compulsory, with Kun Zhu, the Deputy Secretary of YSU School of Physical Education Committee of CPC, as the leader, Yuqiang Dong as the coach, and Wennan Zhao as the referee. After 3-day heated competition, YSU Wushu Team won 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Award-winning athletes and teachers

(Photo from School of Physical Education)

Leaders from the School of Physical Education had attached great importance to the training and preparation job for the competition. The coaches carefully organized routines and preparation, and athletes were energetic and ambitious. YSU Wushu Team, maintaining a high standard for every aspect of their training, strived to achieve excellent performance in the event. Both teachers and students were not afraid of hardship, and kept training in the severe winter. During the competition, Dapeng Wang, the Dean of School of Physical Education, and Meng Zhao, the Deputy Dean of School of Physical Education and other leaders conveyed greetings and extended their support to the teachers and students, and cheered the team on.


YSU Wushu Team, established in 2013, functions directly under the Competition and Training Office, the School of Physical Education, and aims at cultivating college students’ interests in Wushu and guiding them through professional development. Members of the team are student Wushu enthusiasts from 14 Schools, including both undergraduates and postgraduates. Their training programs ranges from Chinese boxing to the use of swords, spears, cudgels and other equipment. The Team not only participates in many activities within the university but also attends municipal and provincial competitions. With consistent success and a strong influence on campus, YSU Wushu Team is persistently able to stick to the spirit “open, inclusive, strict, united” and to cultivate Wushu athletes, who are able to pursue the harmonious development of the body and mind.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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