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YSU’s Two “International Exchange Programs of Top Undergraduates” Funded by China Scholarship Council





[News from the News Center] Several days ago, China Scholarship Council (CSC) released the funding list of 2018 “International Exchange Programs of Top-up Undergraduates”, and YSU’s two programs were included.


At the end of the year 2017, YSU submitted two program applications of International Exchange Program of Top-up Undergraduates to the CSC based on the achievement of fruitful cooperation between YSU and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Hiroshima University. After rigorous material review, experts’ discussion and evaluation among other procedures, our two programs were approved. The programs approved will cover several subjects of three disciplines in Mechanical Engineering, Electric Engineering, and Japanese Literature, and 4 student applicants majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Electric Engineering, 3 students majoring in Japanese Literature will be funded to study at UIC and Hiroshima University respectively. The job of organizing student application and university selection is underway.

YSU’s two International Exchange Programs of Top-up Undergraduates funded by CSC

(Photo from International Cooperation Division)


The International Exchange Program of Top-up Undergraduates is a short-term overseas study program for undergraduate students initiated by our state government with the purpose of further promoting  the cooperation between domestic high-level universities and world-renowned universities and institutions, facilitating cultural exchange and development, enhancing students’ awareness of innovation, boosting students’ confidence in practical ability and improving their international competitiveness in order to meet China’s demand for talents of internationalization, particularly in some urgent majors and disciplines.


In 2018, China plans to select 4,500 undergraduates ranging from sophomore to senior students to study abroad as transferring students for 3-12 months study. The program would be carried out in the form of course study, graduation project design, or internship scheme at international organizations, enterprises and laboratories. CSC’s funding for students selected covers expenses of international round-trip and the scholarship during the program period (covering the expenses for food, accomodation, registration, transportation, telephone top-up, books, medical insurance,  social net-working, one-time settlement, visa extension, personal allowance, and academic activities)


UIC is a top-tier public research university in the United States and one of the most important universities in Illinois higher education system. In 2016, YSU signed with UIC “the Agreement of Cooperation between YSU and UIC” and started the “3+1” Exchange Program. As agreed in the program, YSU students cam have a 9-month study at UIC with credits accepted by two universities involved; students can obtain a Bachelor’s degree from YSU after completing their graduation project design and thesis writing at UIC; students can have a tuition fee waiver by 50%. Three undergraduate students from YSU are studying at UIC through this program by August, 2017.


YSU has established friendly cooperation with Hiroshima University for a long time. In 2001, YSU and Hiroshima University signed an agreement of cooperation, based on which YSU and Hiroshima University officially started the “3+1” program for undergraduates in May, 2016. Furthermore, in April 2017, YSU and Hiroshima University signed the agreement of exchange programs carried out as follows: senior students of YSU can study at Hiroshima University for one year, and have the registration record of Hiroshima University; YSU approves credits at Hiroshima University; students can obtain a Bachelor’s degree from YSU after completing their graduation project design and thesis writing at Hiroshima University; students can get a tuition fee waiver by 50%. In October 2017, there were 8 undergraduate students of YSU studying in Hiroshima University through this program.

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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