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2020 YSU Volunteers Serves 2018 Qinhuangdao International Marathon-National Marathon Championships



[News from the News Center] On May 13, 2018 Qinhuangdao International Marathon-National Marathon Championships kicked off, where 2020 volunteers from 14 YSU Schools provided it with high efficiency and high quality service. The performance of YSU volunteers was highly praised by the organizers, competitors and the audience for their attitude of being rigorous, earnest, enthusiastic responsible, punctual, disciplined, united and cooperated, demonstrating good spirits of YSU students to the society.

Volunteers gathered at 4:00 a.m. at West Campus.

At 4:20 am, 2020 YSU volunteers had gathered at East and West Campus, getting ready to begin their “marathon”-voluntary service. YSU Committee of Communist Youth League (CYL) thought highly of this activity. Secretary Li Xida and Deputy Secretary Zhang Yang of YSU Committee of CYL respectively came to each campus, instructing the students on site. They saluted the international marathon with smiles and sweat, together with Deputy Secretaries of CPC and Secretaries of CYL from some YSU Schools, and leading teachers and students from 14 YSU Schools.

Security volunteers positioned

2000 YSU security volunteers were mainly responsible for the stage from 4th to 6th kilometers and the stage from 31st to 39th kilometers. YSU National Flag Guard undertook the Flag-raising at the opening ceremony, and students from YSU School of Foreign Studies served as translators at the end. At around 5:40 a.m., all the volunteers walked to their working place, some setting the warning line, some cleaning up the garbage besides the track, and some guiding pedestrians with patience and meticulousness. Everyone performed their duties in an orderly manner.

Flag-raising ceremony by YSU National Flag Guard (Photo by Tang Yuening)

Volunteers cheer for the athletes

At around 8:00, the bright National Flag rose at the opening ceremony in the eyes of more than 20,000 people. Members of YSU National Flag Guard the students with their resolute eyes, upright posture, and standard movements, expressed their lofty respect to the Olympic spirits. Flag-bearer Feng Qiqi said, “I am proud to be here and be responsible for flag-raising on behalf of YSU.” During the whole working time of nearly 9 hours, all YSU volunteers adhered to their position, providing warm service and cheering the athletes with applause in spite of the scorching sun, which made their cheeks flushed and forehead sweat. Xin Jiyuan from YSU School of Vehicle and Energy said: “As one of the students in charge of this activity, I get exercise although I am very tired and it is very hard and I will always stay true to our mission as volunteers.” Zhang Chi from YSU School of Foreign Studies, as the interpreter of this competition at the Qinhuangdao Municipal TV Station, was responsible for the translation when foreign women athletes were interviewed by Qinhuangdao TV reporters, and she was highly praised for her fluent and accurate translation.

Training meeting before the activity

YSU Committee of CYL had recruited volunteers university-wide in late April in order to provide service of high quality in this year’s marathon, and the students volunteered with enthusiasm. After the organization of Committees of CYL of each School, 2020 teachers and students were selected to serve as volunteers of this competition. In the rigorous preparation of the competition, YSU Committee of CYL focused on the basic situation of the competition, volunteers’ duties, work safety and image requirements, as well as emergency management plans, and other training to ensure the successful completion of voluntary work.

It is reported that this is the fifth international marathon in Qinhuangdao City, which attracted about 25,000 professional athletes to participate in the competition. Since the first marathon in 2014, YSU volunteers participating in the activity have added up to more than 9,300.

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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