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YSU President Liu Hongmin met with American CIUT delegation



[News from the news center] On the morning of May 24, President Liu Hongmin met with a delegation of educators from the Confucius Institute at the University of Toledo (CIUT). The delegation was headed by Sara Clark, Director of the International Affairs Department at UT. Vice President Zhang Fucheng and directors of the Division of International Cooperation attended the meeting.

Liu Hongmin welcomes the delegation.

Liu Hongmin first expressed warm welcome to the delegation and hoped that the delegation's visit would yield fruitful results. Liu Hongmin reviewed the history of the cooperation between YSU and UT and the development of the Confucius Institute. He expressed his gratitude for the UT’s multi-lateral support and enduring effort to YSU and the development of Confucius Institute. He further pointed that Qinhuangdao and Toledo are sister cities, which provides favorable conditions for the cooperation between the two universities. The 30 years cooperation history of the two universities has also laid a good foundation for the establishment of the Confucius Institute. We are confident that with our joint efforts, the Confucius Institute has been getting better and better, which can be proved by its greater contributions to promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, the two cities, and the two universities. Liu Hongmin warmly invited the President and Dean of UT to visit YSU.

Sara Clark speaks at the meeting.

Ms. Sara Clark expressed her gratitude to Liu Hongmin's cordial reception and the hospitality of YSU. She noted that UT regards YSU as the most important partner in China and attaches great importance to the friendly relations with YSU, insomuch as is willing to carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation on the basis of the original project.

During the meeting, Zhang Fucheng briefly introduced the YSU’s development to the delegation, highlighting a series of important scientific research achievements in the fields of super-hard materials, parallel robots, heavy equipment, and railway frog welding.

Liu Hongmin sings cooperation agreement with North Central State College (NCSC).

In addition, Liu Hongmin and Ms. Karen Reed, the Vice President of NCSC, signed a cooperation agreement. YSU and NCSC have a very good foundation for exchanges and dynamic interactions. The agreement signed marks the substantive cooperation in joint scientific research and exchanges of teachers and students is on the track.

The CIUT delegation visited our school from May 23 to 27. During the visit, QHD Vice Mayor Feng Zhiyong met with the delegation and other activities were arranged by YSU International Cooperation Division such as the presentation of exchange programs of UT and NCSC for students and visits to Longues Winery.

(Translated by Liu Ruo)

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