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"Journal of Yanshan University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)"selected in the "Science Citation Database (SCD)" 2017



[News from the news center] According to the data of Yaxue Information Network in May 2018, "Journal of Yanshan University (Philosophy and Social Sciences)" (JYU-PSS) was selected as the "Science Citation Database (SCD)" 2017 source publication. The Science Citation Database (SCD) is a large-scale citation database developed by Wu Shulian covering all non-confidential disciplines such as natural sciences, engineering & technology, agriculture & forestry science, medicine science, humanities science, and social sciences. As a periodical database, one of the application areas of SCD is for the references of “Chinese University Evaluation” and “Assessment of Graduate Universities of Chinese Universities” by the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, which is used to evaluate the innovative capabilities of Chinese undergraduate universities and research institutes focusing on innovation. The source publication of SCD is revised every two years. This is the first time that JYU-PSS was included in the database.

JYU-PSS is a comprehensive academic journal of social sciences sponsored by the Department of Education of Hebei Province and organized by YSU. The Journal is an excellent journal of the National Social Science Journal and the Hebei University Journal of Social Science. Founded in 2000, it is now a bimonthly publication and is publicly available at home and abroad. The journal focuses on research achievements in philosophy, political science, literature, linguistics, management, and economics. It focuses on thematic planning and column building, forming the “Chinese Philosophy and Culture”, “translation research on classics” and “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaboration three major columns. It has a good reputation in academia. In December 2015, it was awarded “China Excellent Journal of Scientific Papers Online” by the Science and Technology Development Center of the MoE. In April 2016, it was selected in the Chinese Journal of Humanities and Social Science Citation Database (CHSSCD).

(Translated by Lv Bo)

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