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YSU School of Arts and Design holds a concert of " Le Nozze di Figaro "



[News from the news center] On the evening of June 1, Xu Qiujian's fifth practical teaching concert "Le Nozze di Figaro" was held in the Concert Hall of YSU School of Arts and Design. Vice President Kong Xiangdong and Zhang Fucheng watched the show among other guests, teachers and students.

Teacher Xu Qiujian, a low baritone, PhD in musicology of Kyoing University in Korea, is an Associate Professor and Master supervisor at YSU. His main research interest involves the studies on German & Austrian art songs and Italian classical operas. The theme of this concert is the opera “Le Nozze di Figaro”. It also includes the famous performances such as “You Can Know”, “You Want to Dance, My Little Count”, “Don’t Be a Groom”, teacher Xu personally played the important role of the “counter” in the play, and invited Zhang Xiaole, the art instructor of the Central Conservatory of Music, and the YSU String Orchestra to perform the debut. In the setting arrangement, a new design was applied, which matched the theme of Italian opera perfectly. The concert combines several forms of art “speaking”, “acting”, and “singing” in one, presenting the audience an audio-visual feast.

The fourth act of the opera (Xu qiujian, Zhang Hui, and Yang Dan)

Audiences and the cast members.

After the concert, Kong Xiangdong, Zhang Fucheng and the cast members exchanged ideas on opera creation, performance forms, and performance techniques. They highly praised teachers like Xu Qiujian, Song Jun, Chen Hongyu, and all the students for their great performance.

(Translated by Lv Bo)

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