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YSU achieved good results in the evaluation of innovative talents and discipline competitions in Chinese universities


[News from the News Center] On February 22, the China University Innovative Talents Training Seminar -- the 2018 National University Discipline Competition Ranking Conference was held at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. Our university won 61 awards with a total score of 84.12 and ranks 27th in the 2018 National College Competition Evaluation; with 168 awards, the total score of 76.29 in the “2014-2018 National University Competition Evaluation Results (undergraduate) TOP300” ranks 49th, which put YSU in the first place in Hebei Province.

In recent years, our university has been committed to the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. YSU takes education and teaching reform based on OBE concept as a breakthrough, relying on various types of laboratories and practical education bases, and striving to perfect the “five-level five-category” competition platform. The united efforts have been made to promote the development of the reform. Through the exemplary and leading role of the discipline competition, students’ professional interest and innovative entrepreneurial awareness will be stimulated to enhance students’ practical ability.

YSU will continue to implement the basic reform concepts to increase the policy inclination and support for the discipline competition, encourage teachers and students to actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurial activities, and do a “specialized integration” to promote the level of undergraduate teaching and education to a new level.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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