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Wang Zelin’s righteous and courageous deeds praised by the society


[News from the News Center] What would you do if you witnessed a quarrel on a bus? What will you do when someone on a bus pulls out a knife and tries to cut others?  

On February 23, on a bus in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, a 50-year-old female passenger, excited and emotional, took out a knife from her package and intended to attack others out of a sudden. In such an emergency, Wang Zelin, student majoring in Electronic Engineering Department of YSU Liren College, stood up bravely. Wang struggled to push down the perpetrator and stopped her, and his forehead was slightly scratched by the knife in the fight. With the help of other passengers, the knife was seized, thus successfully avoiding a malicious wounding incident.  

Letter of thanks

Soon the police rushed to the crime scene and dealt with it. For Wang Zelin’s brave behavior, the passengers praised him and expressed willingness to the police to make a record. Some passengers wanted to ask Wang’s contact to express gratitude, but Wang Zelin quietly left the scene for the reason that he had to go to the hospital to handle the wound.  

After returning to school after the winter vacation, Wang Zelin did not talk about his deeds with anyone, and nobody knew his behavior until the local police station of Yingkou sent a letter of thanks to the college recently.  

Wang Zelin still felt thrilled when he recalled the situation at that time. He said that he was actually very flustered when he saw the perpetrator taking out the knife, but he felt responsible to come out boldly for others’ safety, even if he knew he might be injured himself.We have to stop her-- this was the only thought in his mind at the time. Later he found out that the woman was mentally ill.  

Wang Zelin, Liren College

(Photos above from Liren College)

As a young man with a sense of responsibility and justice, Wang Zelin knows that everyone are responsible and obligated to maintain public safety on such a small bus. He dashed ahead regardless of his own safety at the crucial moment. What he did practiced the core values of socialism with his own practical actions, promoted righteous and courageous deeds, and demonstrated the ideal pursuit and firm belief of college students in the new era.  

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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