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Wang Shaowei awarded 2018 national excellent member of Communist Youth League



[News from the News Center] On May 4, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League released the list of 2018 national excellent member, cadre, and committee (branch) of Communist Youth League. Wang Shaowei, junior student of YSU School of Humanities and Law, was awarded national excellent member of Communist Youth League. A total of 295 people from all over the country were awarded this title. Wang Shaowei is one of the only two undergraduate students in Hebei Province who received this honor.

Wang Shaoweis profile: Male, Han, probationary Party member, monitor of Class Law 16-3 and deputy secretary of the class committee of the Communist Youth League, vice president of YSU Student Union.He has won 18 awards or honors at the university level and above includingHebei Provincial merit student and YSU model of the member of the Communist Youth League.

Wang Shaowei

The announcement of the Central Committee of the Communist Young League

The list of 2018 national excellent member of Communist Youth League

(Photos above from YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League)

As a college student, Wang Shaowei has always given top priority to learning andwonscholarship for five consecutive semesters. As a student cadre, he has taken responsibility for the youth in the new era and organizedmany large-scale campus activities, including Freshmen Gala, “Voice of YSU”-- Campus Singing Competition, Competition and Meeting for Student Proposal, Chaoxi Cup Debate Competition, and Gourmet Festival. The official account of Student Union’s Departmentof Rights and Interest has seen a sharp increase in his charge, his class was awardedYSU Eminent Class”, andthe class committee of the Communist Youth League won “YSU EminentBranch of Communist Youth League” for three consecutive years. Besides, he also participated in many innovation practices, and won the first prize in “Creating Youth” National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition in Hebei Province in 2018, and the outstanding award for the College StudentInnovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program. Last but not least, he actively participated in lots of voluntary service such as volunteering in Qinhuangdao International Marathon,supporting education, and popularizing legal education. He hasreserved more than 200 hours in “YSU Love Bank”.  

General Secretary Xi Jinping noted thatthe youth is the future of the country and the future of the world” and that it is the task of contemporary Chinese youth to be concerned about the future of the country, the destiny of the nation, and the happiness of the people”. YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League will devote greater effort insetting good examples of young people and telling the story of them, and help YSU students leave their footprints in the journey of building, pursuing and realizing their dreams with their own actions.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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