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YSU Press holds lecture on “Being Chinese with Cultural Confidence” as well as launching ceremony of “Chinese Root: the Great Wall” series


[News from the News Center] On Apr. 28, the lecture on “Being Chinese with Cultural Confidence” as well as the launching ceremony of “Chinese Root: the Great Wall” series was held at 108, No. 4 Building, East Campus. Many leaders attended the ceremony, including Zhao Yongsheng, YSU Vice President, Dong Yaohui, Executive Vice President of China Great Wall Society, Hu Yanzhong, Director-General of Publicity Department of Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee of CPC, Li Chunze, former editor in chief of Qinhuangdao Daily, Sun Zhisheng, President of Qinhuangdao History and Culture Research Institute, SuJunli,literary critic, Helian Huawei, Party Secretary of YSU Industrial Group, Jiang Wenchao, Director of YSU Teacher Development Research Center, Wang Ju, editor in chief of “Le Du--journal of Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee of CPC, Zhang Guangren, Vice President of Qinhuangdao Photographer Association, and other leaders of YSU Press.

Lecture on “Being Chinese with Cultural Confidence” as well as launching ceremony of “Chinese Root: the Great Wall” series

At the launching ceremony, Zhao Yongsheng said that as the socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era, we were now facing both a bright future andtough challenges. The high cultural confidence stemming from the 5,000-year Chinese civilization will provide strong spiritual support for us. The lecture on “Being Chinese with Cultural Confidence” reflects the valuable cultural consciousness and cultural responsibility. He asked YSU Press to share with the society the mission and responsibility of raising the banner, gathering people’s minds, educating new people, developing culture and displaying images, and made its due contributions to building Chinese Spirit and Chinese Strength.

Zhao Yongsheng speaks at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Zhao Yongsheng, Dong Yaohui, Hu Yanzhong, Sun Zhisheng, Su Junli and Chen Yu jointly unveiled the “Chinese Blood: the Great Wall” series. Representatives of teachers and students recitedthe poem“On the Great Wall” by Taiwan poet Yu Guangzhong and other patriotic poems.In the “Chinese Blood: the Great Wall” series collects, outstanding literary and artistic works, in form of poetry, legend, opera and novel, created by Chinese people on the Great Wallare collected, compiled and reviewed. Totaling 4 volumes, the series provides literature and art materials for Great Wall researchers and enthusiasts. Besides, the booksare illustrated with both texts and pictures, which makes the story clear and readable. After the launch, the books will be distributed to bookstores.

Leaders, guests, author representatives and publishers jointly unveiled the new book

Dong Yaohui, expert in the Great Wall, was invited to give a lecture on the topic “What does the Great Wall mean for Chinese people”. Dong explained how the Great Wall reflects the Chinese people’s spirit and told the cultural values and concepts of the Chinese nation in the process of China’s development, whichconfigured the audience to deeply feel the cultural confidence that the Great Wall has given us. Besides, hecalled on young students to overcome difficulties, strive to move forward, persist in their efforts, and keep active to inspire the vitality of innovation and creation in the new era.

Dong Yaohui was born in Funing County, Hebei Province in 1957. From May 4, 1984 to September 1985, he, together with Wu Deyu and Zhang Yuanhua, set off to Jiayuguan from Shanhaiguan, which took 508 days, andspent a walking tour of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty for the first time. After that, he went to learn after Hou Renzhi, famous historical geographer, at Peking University. For more than 30 years, he has been devoted to the research, protection, popularity and scientific utilization of the Great Wall, for which, he has been reported by the media for nearly a thousand times and is known as the “son of the Great Wall”. Dong has been appointed to accompanymany political leaders, such as Clinton and Bush, during their visit to the Great Wall. He is the author of more than ten kinds of monographs, andin 2007-2017, he completed the compilation of “Record of China’s Great Wall”, a project of the National Key Book Publishing Program under National Twelfth Five-Year Plan and the National Publishing Fund Program.

Dong Yaohui gives a lecture.

(Photos above from YSU Press)

The “Being Chinese with Cultural Confidence” Lecture is sponsored by YSU Press for teachers and students, aiming to spread the excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture. It invites famous writers and masters nationwide and those who have special achievements in inheriting Chinese culture, to give lectures on cultural issues with high cognitive value and practical significance, combined with the life, study, and experience of the lecturers. From those lectures, young audiences could get inspired to think deeply and strengthen their cultural confidence.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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