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YSU holds calligraphy art course report – Teacher-student-alumni calligraphy exhibition


[News from the News Center] On May 9, the 2019 Yanshan University Calligraphy Art Course Reporting “Welcome Spring: Teacher-student-alumni calligraphy exhibition” was organized and co-hosted by the School of Art and Design and the Alumni Work Office. Zhao Xianfeng, the Secretary of the CPC Yanshan University Committee, Liang Maijin, alumnus majoring in Steel Rolling of 1979, Li Hongbo, Director of the Party Committee Office and Principal Office, Chen Guoqiang, Dean of the School of Art and Design, Party Secretary Wang Jidong, Deputy Director of the Alumni Work Office, Deputy Director of the Archives, Ke Tiejun Attend the event.

Zhao Xianfeng carefully watched teachers and students’ the works, spoke highly of the event, and emphasized the important role of art exhibitions in the construction of campus culture.

Zhao Xianfeng watches the teachers and students’ works

Zhao Xianfeng appreciated Liang Maijin’s work and expressed his gratitude to the alumni for their support and contribution to the development of campus culture. At the same time, he also exchanged ideas with Liang Maijin for the exhibition.

Liang Maijin wrote “Tian Di Zheng Qi”

Zhao Xianfeng Wrote “Zhu Hun”

Subsequently, Zhao Xianfeng presented Liang Maijin with a copy of his student card when he was in YSU.

Zhao Xianfeng presents a gift to Liang Maijin.

Zhao Xianfeng visited the design studio of the School of Art and Design.

This exhibition is an art course report of Gu Qingyi Calligraphy Art Course of the School of Art and Design. It is also an attempt by the Alumni Office to interact with alumni. The exhibition will last until May 15.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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