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YSU library conducts 2019 spring semester fire safety training and drills



[News from the News Center] In order to further promote the fire safety work of the Library, improve the fire safety awareness of all librarians and the ability to deal with emergencies, under the guidance and assistance of the Qinhuangdao Fire Brigade and the YSU Safety Office, the Library carried out the fire prevention training activities. The library leadership and all librarians, student volunteers and other relevant personnel participated in the training and drill activities. The activities are divided into fire safety knowledge lectures, fire emergency evacuation drills and fire extinguisher appliance operation drills.

Fire safety knowledge lecture

Ma Wenshuai police officer explained how to use fire hydrant.

The police officer of Qinhuangdao Fire Brigade, as the keynote speaker, first gave a training lecture. He combined a large number of fire cases in libraries and museums, and analyzed the characteristics of the library as a key fire hazard points, and introduced the principles of fire spread. He illustrated how to do the fire prevention and safety inspections, as well as the initial fire fighting methods, and detailed explanations on electricity management, fire facilities and equipment use methods, which gave the librarians a more systematic and profound understanding of fire prevention.

Library staff evacuated from the first floor of the Library.

Safety Office staff explained how to use fire extinguishers.

Library staff conducted fire drills. In conjunction with the relevant requirements and work arrangements in the “Emergency Handling Plan for Library Security Incidents” and the “Implementation Plan for Fire Drills in Library in 2019”, all the staff got involved in the training and drills. The fire drill was conducted in the library Room 501.  The drill was successful and the safety awareness of the library staff was improved, which contributes to creating a safe, harmonious and peaceful library and building a campus safety culture.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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