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Hebei Language Commission visits YSU for field research



[News from the News Center] As is required by the Ministry of Education, universities and colleges in Hebei Province should accomplish the evaluation of language standard construction. On May 7, YSU, as one of the first batch of universities, received the field inspection of the expert group from Hebei Language Commission. Zhao Yongsheng, Deputy Director of YSU Language Commission and YSU Vice President, attended the feedback meeting and made remarks on behalf of the university.

Entrusted by Hebei Language Commission, Prof. Zhang Aimei, Deputy Director of Education and Teaching Quality Assessment Center, Hebei University, served as the head, and Prof. Wang Xiaobo, Director of Department of Basic Courses, Hebei Finance University, and Prof. Zhang Lanying, Deputy Dean of School of Arts, Xingtai University, as the members of the expert group. Before they came, YSU had submitted to Hebei Language Commission the self-evaluation report, self-assessment form and other related materials, and has made some modifications according the advice of the experts.

Staff forum for the Appraisal (Photo from Academic Affairs Office)

On the morning of May7, according to the requirements of the evaluation of language standard construction, the experts conducted field visits in three groups. They reviewed relevant documents, test papers and graduation thesis, and conducted exchanges with teaching staff on the language work of YSU. Besides,they made a survey among 50 teachers and students from different positions and different majors. The experts also reviewed the language and publicity environment on the campus, and observed lectures of some majors which are closely related to oral language expression, majors such as Chinese Language, Radio and Television.

Zhang Aimei gives the feedback. (Photographed by Wang Yan, the News Center)

Zhao Yongsheng makes remarks at the meeting. (Photographed by Wang Yan, the News Center)

At 14:30, the feedback meeting was held at the first reception room of the Century Building. Jiang Wenchao, Director of the Office of the YSU Language Committee and Director of the Teacher Education Development Center, gave a report on the overall situation of the language work of YSU. Cong Xin, Deputy Dean of School of Humanities and Law, introduced the activities of the “525 Project”, Radio and Television Work Exhibition and other language activities. Zhang Aimei gave the feedback on behalf of the expert group. The expert group believes that YSU attaches great importance to the languagework and thatYSU’s language work has a sound organization, perfectsystem, and sufficient publicity and enjoys its own characteristics. In all,YSU has reached the requirement of standard of language standard construction. However, she pointed out that YSU is slightly weak in the guarantee mechanism for the funds of language work. Zhang recommended that all departments should further participate in the language work, support and input more for language work, explore new carriers for language work, andpromote the transformation and application of outstanding achievements.

The feedback meeting (Photographed by GaoMingxi, the News Center)

Zhao Yongsheng expressed that the feedbacks were accurate, comprehensive and objective; besides, it had clear purpose and strong practicability. YSU would take this evaluation as an opportunity to seriously take in and analyze the suggestions and advices, and make clear goals, tasks, schedule and persons in charge to do a good job in improvement and implementation. At the same time, YSU will also increase the support for language work, continue to improve the standard construction, further develop the characteristics and advantages of the relevant majors, strengthen the weak sections, and strive to enhance the quality of the training of YSU language professionals.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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